You will have an average whitening of 5 to 8 shades whiter teeth for every 20 minutes.

20 minute session: $80

40 minute session: $100

60 minute session:$120

Ask us about our post braces removal special!


Teeth whitening is a quick and affordable way to help you look more youthful and vibrant! There are many teeth whitening products on the market to choose from such as whitening strips and whitening pens, but there’s only one USDA certified organic teeth whitening product in the country. This is why Mila Spa love’s the results provided with the DaVinci Teeth Whitening system! The DaVinci teeth whitening system uses the latest in LED cold laser technology and a signature whitening gel consisting of natural ingredients to give you a bright, confident smile. In one visit, your teeth will brighten on average 4, 8 or up to 14 shades (Individual results will depend on your current tooth shade, treatment time, and the composition of your teeth. Everyone’s teeth are different and will have a natural stopping point).


DaVinci whitening gel is an FDA approved plant and mineral based product with built-in enamel building qualities. Scientific research has shown that the active ingredients in the DaVinci Teeth Whitening Gels are safe and effective for all ages, even pregnant and nursing women (even if ingested the gel would turn to water in your body). This system has proven to yield superior results with little to no sensitivity when compared to other whitening systems. The DaVinci System whitens teeth that have been stained by smoking, coffee, tea, soda, wine and other foods and beverages. We also see great results on teeth stained by tetracycline, fluoride, braces and hereditary discoloration. DaVinci teeth whitening will remove stains from existing dental work but cannot whiten them beyond the original color of the material used.


A very small percentage of clients may feel some tooth sensitivity, especially if they are dehydrated or consume very cold/hot foods or drinks within two hours after the whitening session. Any sensitivity is short term and gone within 24-48 hours.