$65 per session

Ear Candling is a practice dating back over 2,500 years to the ancient Egyptians, Tibetans, Chinese and American Indians. We use a handmade, hollow candle made from premium linen which has been soaked in bees wax. One end of the candle is placed in the ear while the other end is lighted.

ear candle treatmentAs the ear candle burns it creates a gentle warm air vacuum which draws earwax out and removes it from the ear. The process takes about 15 minutes per candle.  One candle is used per ear.

There are a number of benefits which ear candling can provide, including improved hearing due to ear wax removal, help in alleviating sinus and ear pressure due to colds and sinusitis and improved lymphatic flow in the head. Facial massage of the sinus is performed when the session is in progress to help loosen and relieve any pressure in the muscles directly over the sinus and each side of the nose across the cheek bones and into the temples.  We find that many of our clients find ear candling relaxing and soothing even reducing stress and tension.