Facials and Waxing - Mila Spa Fort Myers
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Facials and Waxing

European Organic Facial

Get ready to experience relaxation and the ultimate treatment for your face. First we softly cleanse, exfoliated and apply a premium blended emulsifier while hot steam loosens impurities in your pores. Next we use pore strips to pull blackheads, whiteheads, dirt, oil and all other remaining impurities. We can even perform extractions as needed and requested. A mask is then chosen based on your skin type and is applied. While the mask is doing its magic, relax and enjoy an amazing pampering massage of the hands, feet, scalp and neck. As a final step we apply a pore refining moisturizer which helps pH balance your skin and tighten pores.

$80 (Approximately 1 hour)


Waxing Services

Enjoy smoother skin for longer with the expert waxing services you’ll receive at MILA•SPA. Waxing promotes the longest period between hair regrowth and is the best way to keep your body smooth. 


You will typically stay hair-free for up to six weeks. Numbing agents are available upon request. With all our waxing services, there is a strict no double-dipping policy in effect to ensure health and safety.


MILA•SPA only uses top-of-the-line products, so when it comes to waxing services, we exclusively use Nufree Nudesse. It is a natural antibacterial, botanical formula. It does not stick to the skin, making it virtually painless. Post treatment, Finipil is applied to help shrink the empty follicle, retarding the hair follicle, so hair grows back thinner with each treatment.

Body Waxing Services

Underarms – $15
Shoulder – $15
Arms Full – $38
Arms Half – $28
Chest – $28
Stomach – Full – $28
Back Full (Upper, Middle, and Lower) – $48
Bikini – $30
Brazilian (Butt Strip Optional) – $45
Buttocks – $32
Legs – Full – $55
Legs – Half – $35

Facial Waxing Services

Lip – $8
Chin – $10
Eyebrows – $12
Neck – $15
Cheeks – $10
Full Face (Brows Included) – $42